Simon Sirch, Ph.D.

SEC Contributing Member

Dr. Simon Sirch is an independent flow-researcher, action-oriented trainer and outdoor athlete from Southern Germany. Simon came across Integral Life Practice during his studies on outdoor and extreme sports at the University of Tübingen.

His first-person experience in sports covers mountain biking, rock climbing and highlining. In 2007, he faced a near-death experience due to internal bleedings after a bike accident. Since then he increasingly tuned his sporting practice and academic research with an integral approach on personal growth and interpersonal development.

Simon initiated Postoutdoorsports in 2014: a project to encourage all-inclusive development in outdoor sports. In 2016, Simon founded flow in concept, following the vision „more flow for all“. In collaboration with athletes, musicians and entrepreneurs he helps to access flow states through research-based information and practical tools.

Simon holds a doctoral degree in social sciences, a diploma in sports sciences and a certificate in experience-oriented education.