Scott Bottorff

SEC Contributing Member

Scott Bottorff, a lifetime athlete and practitioner received his B.S. in Nutrition and Minor in Psychology from Framingham State College in Framingham, MA. He has been a longtime trainer and strength & conditioning coach for 15 years. Combining his knowledge of energy from his Polarity therapist training he founded his own business called Aspire Advanced Training in 2005 in Woburn, MA.

Scott, being an athlete himself, started playing his first love of ice hockey at the age of 4. He continued to develop his game and at the age of 15 he was selected to the Team USA Hockey Development program. He was highly scouted by many junior, prep and college teams and ended up leaving Colorado and moved to Boston at the age of 17 to play junior hockey. He continued to play Junior A in the USHL and NAHL which lead him to play Division 1 College hockey. After college Scott played minor professional hockey in Quebec. Scott also at this time competed in Natural bodybuilding for four years receiving his Pro card in his first show.

When running his business, Scott enjoyed being in the trenches with his clients to channel his own experience as a decorated athlete with his work with high school, prep, and collegiate athletes alike in addition to amateur physique competitors. His work also extended to the fields of injury rehabilitation and corrective postural training with long term goals focused on improving movement, performance and educating clients on practices for overall health.

With his expert knowledge of a Nutritionist he was able to extend the success of his training plans by including the utmost productive nutrients to synergistically support the body. This included but was not limited to, nutritional supplement timing for athletes, extensive results for safe weight loss, and treatment for medical conditions such as Crohn’s, IBS, and Celiac Disease. He also frequently ran seminars focused on nutrition and training while still practicing with Athletic teams seasonally and training with physique sport preparation with bodybuilding, fitness, and figure competitors.

Scott had been exposed to many different training approaches, and felt there was an absence of knowledge of a major fundamental component of the human body, which he identified as the “Fascia.” As the primary governing connective tissue the fascia maintains the structural integrity of the flesh body and compartmentalizes all of our muscles and organs. Scott intuitively knew the key to unlocking the bodies potential to develop free movement and overall health was locked in the shell of dense Fascia tissue of past life experience and trauma.

On his journey, he then sought out a system that would be able to unwind the Fascia along the planes of the age old Chinese organ meridian system. He knew the Eastern philosophy understood the body in a different way from the west. Scott came upon a studio in Boston called the The Genius of Flexibility, which taught Resistance Flexibility & Strength training along the different planes of fascia that connected to the Chinese meridians. Having the meridians correlate to different areas of tissue and muscles in the body, connecting the health of the individual to specific organs.

While studying and working at The Genius of Flexibility in Boston he was able to further develop his newly found craft over the course of 4 years. Scott worked with and elevated the performance of a wide array of athletes including Olympic Skiers, NFL football players, College and prep school hockey, pro MMA, college Tennis, The Boston Ballet, figure skaters, and gymnast to name a few. Not only elevating their game however educating them on daily practices to help feel the fascia body learning how to translate the unconscious mind and to grow an attention of that for continuous sustained development.

He also got the opportunity to work with special cases such as PTSD, Cancer, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, joint replacement, Lyme Disease, Pectus Excavatum and concussions with much success. He learned if you open up the blood flow and energy to the organs they can heal themselves. Scott found this to be his guiding light on his journey to continue to unveil the human potential which resides in the Fascia.

After traveling North America pursuing his hockey dreams and acquiring and abundance of invaluable knowledge on the Fascia tissue and Chinese Meridians, he returned to Colorado Springs. It was there Scott took his creative and experience and evolved the work even more than what he learned in Boston. He developed a strategy dedicated to the underestimated resistance and tensile force in the body. He learned that using heavy loads of resistance within a movement or stretch wasn’t the most effective strategy, as some clients already had enormous resistance and tensile force in their scar tissue, using added resistance wasn’t the best strategy. Clients could have the potential of some 2,000lbs per square inch of tensile force hiding in their scar tissue from a past event in one single motion. This overstimulation of the nervous system had negative effects as a client would re-enact the movements and emotions of a past trauma which caused the initial harm instead of being able to yield and be with their bodies feeling the injured tissue while unearthing and processing the past memory stored in the body in present time.

He developed a yin and yang fascia and muscle activation technique to help people to feel and relieve the enormous tension and electrical shock from past experience. Scott didn’t want people to be defined by their past trauma so more understanding of the body was needed. He started studying Tai chi and got more answers into the mystery of the joints and tendons and relationship with fascia. He learned the joints are like huge seaports, if opened, could transfer energy and blood flow to rest of body creating remarkable change. This understanding gave his work a new level of sustainability as the body could permanently change and continue to clear past toxins. He learned if you honor the bodies tissues and give it what it needs optimal health is achieved. Even today Scott continues his journey to open up and unwind his own tissue and energy, embodying his work seeking his own potential, and sharing his priceless info of longevity and health with his fellow clients.