Robert Rudelic, B.S., N.M.T., M.E.S.

SEC Contributing Member

Robert Rudelic is the founder of PowerTapping, LLC which specializes in teaching people the art of emotional composure, how to sharpen their mental game and be mentally prepared every moment of every day to perform at their best with precision and excellence!

His clients include:

  • Professional, Olympic, College and High School Athletes
  • Professional Race Car Drivers
  • American Idol Constants
  • Actors – Paramount Pictures
  • Kaiser Permanente Medical Staff
  • San Francisco Opera
  • Nobel Prize Winners
  • Business Professionals

Robert grew up surrounded by athletes – his father and his grandfather were both professional football players and growing up he played basketball, baseball and ice hockey. Dinnertime conversations were all about sports and the importance of peak mental performance. His personal interest in sports continues to this day – his passions are whitewater boating, cycling and snowboarding.

Robert is the author of the book “Anything Is Possible: The Art And Science Of Tapping Into Your Power” – How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Let Yourself Through! His work has touched thousands of individuals from all walks of life who are committed to living the lives they deserve to live and he has been the featured guest and spokesperson on many television and radio programs. Robert’s media appearances drives up ratings and is frequently featured in “The Best of…” programming.

In addition, Robert’s experience encompasses over 25 years of clinical practice. He is the co-founder of Impax Sports Therapy, an acclaimed Instructor at the National Holistic Institute, seminar leader, medical researcher and nutritional product formulator. Robert’s work has been the subject of articles published in the field of health and fitness and created dramatic results for thousands of people.