Josh Crist

SEC Founding Member

Josh Crist is a 3rd Degree Black Belt and lifelong practitioner of Shaolin Ch’uan Fa. He has been a teacher and coach in the martial arts for over twelve years working with students ranging from age 4 to 84. He has coached 1st place competitors in kata, sparring and weapons demonstrations at various age and skill levels – including black belt and instructor level competitions.

As a lifelong athlete, Josh decided to pick up football his sophomore year of high school and ended as an all-conference linebacker his senior year. The quick development and traction he made as a football player he attributes almost exclusively to the four years of intensive martial arts training and teaching that preceded it.

After being exposed to the concept of flow, peak performance states and heightened stages of consciousness in 2014, Josh has been focused on using martial arts as a bridge to help seekers of a higher vibration life tap into their inner power while connecting to their heart as they grow physically, mentally and emotionally.

Josh currently manages a martial arts studio in Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife Heidi and serves as the managing partner of the SEC Group where he catalyzes their mission of elevating global consciousness through sport.