Heidi McCoy

SEC Contributing Member

Heidi McCoy is a lifelong martial artist and systems based problem solver. She holds a 1st Degree Black Belt in Shaolin Ch’uan Fa and multiple advanced ranks in other forms of Kenpo karate. She is a certified Shambhava Yoga instructor and has been teaching both martial arts and yoga for the last four years.

Heidi is also a Reiki II certified healer and has found herself drawn to the three-pillared energetic healing of mind, body, and spirit. She seeks to blend the connection with these three forces for her students and can often be heard reciting the mantra “breath is the bridge between the body and spirit.”

As a competitor, Heidi holds multiple 1st place victories in open martial arts tournaments for sparring and has proven her ability to access a peak performance state while fighting time and time again – having competed mainly against men.

Heidi’s love of the martial arts, warrior spirit and spiritual nature of the pioneer spirit lead her to found Anahata, LLC which seeks to empower it’s clients to live more authentic lives by connecting their mind, body and spirit through listening, acting from and responding to their heart’s frequency.

She is the co-owner of a martial arts studio in Fort Collins, Colorado with her husband Josh and is the founder of EcoINstead – a startup whose mission is to elevate consciousness by building intentional neighborhoods that reflect the vibration of the people who live there.