Erin Shannon, Psy.D.

SEC Contributing Member

I am a doctor of clinical psychology and an Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner in private practice in St. Louis, Missouri. A large majority of my patients are professional athletes.

I utilize a combination of somatic psychology, energy psychology, energy medicine, accupressure tapping, holographic memory resolution, healing touch, quantum touch and traditional psychotherapy. I find that athletes present with a unique blend of psychological and somatic issues. In order to most comprehensively resolve these challenges, I believe a bodymind approach that encompasses modern, western and ancient eastern healing practices is highly efficacious. Elite athletes score high on kinesthetic intelligence and respond rapidly to somatic treatment techniques. The physical toll that these athletes endure is compounded by the psychological challenges that accompany their lifestyle. A holistic approach addressing all of these factors is essential for quality care.

In my practice, I also focus on optimizing mental and physical performance using energy techniques, cognitive rehearsal and visualization, meditation and other cognitive and somatic techniques. My patient roster consists of MLB, NFL, NHL and collegiate athletes.