Ellen Braithwaite

SEC Contributing Member

Sculling has been a primary focus in Ellen’s life the last twenty years, leading her into competition, teaching and coaching, and more recently, into an attempt to articulate and execute whatever it takes to achieve peak performance.

The tools for arriving at that peak performance are the same, whether the athlete is an aspiring Olympian, a 50-year-old learning a new sport, or a masters competitor. While she has had success at racing (and still do), from sprint distances to ultra-marathons, it’s the process that intrigues her now, and her own experiences inform her teaching.

Ellen learned to row at age 50 at the Craftsbury Sculling Center in Vermont where she had an office job, and now return there each summer to coach and to learn from other coaches.  In California, she teaches adults at the Open Water Rowing Center on the San Francisco Bay in Sausalito, the Berkeley Paddling and Rowing Club in Berkeley and the Delta Sculling Center in Stockton.

Sculling is a perfect sport for exploring the concepts of mindfulness, of body-mind connection and of being part of the natural world.  Teaching it brings the challenge of finding a way to connect with other people and to communicate the integration of physical technique and mindset.  Though she has been at it for twenty years, she is new to this part and grateful for the collaboration with the SEC.