Damien Lafont, Ph.D.

SEC Contributing Member / Mental Trainer, Sport Scientist and Author

Dr. Damien Lafont is a Mental Trainer to high-performance athletes. Dr. Lafont is also an author and scientist who completed his PhD in Atmospheric Physics and a Sports Science degree at Blaise Pascal University, France. After working as a climate scientist at the prestigious NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, he joined Mental Training Inc. and started working with Olympic and elite athletes in major sports including swimming, UFC, BMX, squash, golf, and tennis. Now based in Melbourne, Australia, as Director of Vida Mind, Dr. Lafont provides Mental Training services; one-on-one locally and worldwide.

Dedicated to bridging science and spirituality, Damien has worked, researched and interviewed hundreds of people about their personal spiritual experiences –from spiritual masters to the world’s best musicians, dancers, artists, and elite sportspeople.

With his athletes, he focuses on relaxation and meditation in order for conscious and subconscious to work together towards the flow and zone states. Inspired by the greatest teachers in positive thinking, human potential, and New Thought, he is a pioneer in applying the powerful principles of the Science of Mind to the sports field. He has authored and co-authored several books including Back to the Zone – sport and inner experiences (published by Breakaway Books, New York) about transcendental experiences in sport. His latest book is “Your True Nature – Wisdom of Living Masters”, written with his partner Natalie Deane.

Dr. Lafont is also an expert in visual training and sports anticipation. He presented his work worldwide: USA (University of Southern California, Penn State), UK (International Tennis Federation), Switzerland (Swiss Tennis), Australia (University of Melbourne, Victoria University) and recently at the Australian Open Tennis Coaches’ Conference. Still a passionate tennis player and coach Damien is Head tennis coach and mental conditioning coach for one of Australia’s largest tennis academies, Vida Tennis.