Craig White

SEC Contributing Member

For most of my adult life I have been searching to understand how to optimize performance in all areas. My quest has taken me from the Gym and Rugby Field, to the Yoga Ashrams of India, the Jungles of South America, and the 4 corners of the World.

What have I found?

Firstly, we cannot improve performance until we define our own unique perception of what performance means to us. For some it may mean sports performance, for others business growth, control of one’s health, becoming a great lover, stepping up to be a father, finding inner peace, or a combination of all. Once we define our own unique performance vision we can create a road map to get there and take action to manifest this reality.

So what do I do?

I empower High Performing Men to optimize their performance in every area of life. Ultimately, this involves stepping fully into leadership. Together we create a vision, prepare the map, move the road blocks, and drive together into a world of free will and empowerment.

I work with Athletes, Sports Coaches, Life Coaches, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and any man who has the courage to throw down his tools, empty his mind, open his heart, and step into a world with more clarity, understanding, forgiveness, energy, confidence, and happiness.

All of the men I have worked with are now thriving and beyond the mental blocks that were previously holding them back from living well each day. I am thankful for the messages of gratitude and testimonials I receive from them. The general response from these men is that they feel alive again, totally energized, and confident to act in the world, on mission, following their deepest passions, and sharing their deepest gifts. I even receive regular emails from the friends and family members of these men telling of the amazing transformations they have witnessed in them since working with me.

I have a proven track record in Professional Sport, most notably professional Rugby, with over 24 yrs experience as a High- Performance Coach, specializing in both physical and mental conditioning. Some of my clients include teams and organisations such as the Irish national Rugby Team, Welsh National Rugby Team, British and Irish Lions, London Wasps, and Leicester Tigers. Until recently I also consulted for World Rugby (Rugby’s governing body) over a 6-year period. In some capacity, I have helped National teams to prepare for the last 4 Rugby World Cups.

My commitment to personal development is relentless. I have a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology, a PhD in Holistic Nutrition (pending completion in 2017), I am an Accredited Sports Nutrition Advisor, an NLP Master Coach, Spectrum Emotional Wellness Coach, and is currently completing an online Life-Coach Training Program with Tony Robbins. I am also a 200hr and 500hr Meditation and Yoga Teacher.