Catt Tripoli (AKA Cathey Palyo)

SEC Contributing Member

Catt is a World Champion bodybuilder, entrepreneur, award-winning author, certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, as well as a Cranio-sacral and Reiki practitioner.

Catt was raised in a fundamentalist religious cult, but rebelling as a teenager, quitting school at 15 and leaving home at 17. She first discovered a love of iron at 22, and although she entered the world of bodybuilding quite by accident, she believes it not only shaped her life, but also saved it – through this dedicated practice, she gained not only outer strength, but an inner resilience that transcends sport.

She began competing as an amateur and then a professional, and rose to the pinnacle when the sport was at its peak, in the 80’s. She has earned multiple state, national, and international titles— Including Ms. America, Ms. Universe and Ms. International—in the NPC and IFBB as well as the AAU. She has been featured on the covers of several international bodybuilding publications, such as Muscle and Fitness, Flex and Muscular Development.

Inspired to share the techniques and insights she has gained through her 37 years of experience in the sport of Bodybuilding, Catt authored Conscious Fitness: Strength Training For the Evolution of Body, Mind and Spirit (published in 2016 and available on Amazon). The book won a Nautilus Silver Award for 2016. The book integrates wisdom from a wide range of sources: the experience gained through years of lifting weights, the wisdom attained through extensive study with Native American teachers in Northern New Mexico, hypnosis, and other modalities.

Following intuition, Catt discovered that Bodybuilding could lead to higher awareness. In seeking to sculpt her body in very specific ways, Catt saw that bodybuilding was most effective when it took on a meditative quality; in training to move past pain barriers while avoiding injury, to direct her consciousness with intention, she discovered higher body/mind/spirit integration.

After retiring from competition, Catt opened a 25,000 sq ft gym in Santa Rosa, CA and followed that with three other gyms in that city, including Powerhouse Gym, which she currently owns and operates. Her passion is helping herself and others see the possibilities of unlimited human potential.