Welcome to the Zone

Scott Ford • SEC Founding Member

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Welcome to the Zone: Peak Performance Redefined

Author: Scott Ford, SEC Founding Member
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The “Zone” is considered by players and coaches alike to be the Holy Grail of tennis performance, but it is also the game’s most mysterious and elusive experience, thought to occur only by chance and never by choice… until now. Scott Ford’s Welcome to the Zone is a step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to play tennis in the zone, by choice, not chance. Welcome to the Zone redefines the ultimate tennis experience in a way that both beginners and professionals can understand. It not only explores the subject of the zone, it also gives you an elegantly simple process for shifting out of your normal performance state and into your peak performance state. It’s called the Parallel Mode Process. After a brief introduction, Welcome to the Zone is divided into three sections: Phase I: Getting In the Zone. Phase II: Maintaining the Zone. Phase III: Competing in the Zone. Each chapter introduces you to a new “Step” in the Parallel Mode Process, and each of these Steps takes you deeper into the experience of the zone. At the end of each chapter specific on-court drills are outlined with easy-to-understand instructions and feedback pages designed to measure your progress.

The Steps in Phase I show you how to enter the zone using a simple concentrative task that shifts you out of a Serial Mode of operation and into a Parallel Mode of operation, and when you shift into this highly efficient mode of parallel operation, you simultaneously shift into your peak performance state. It happens immediately, and you don’t have to be a skilled tennis player to make the shift into a Parallel Mode. You just have to be willing to try something radically different. Remember, this is not a book about playing tennis “in the norm.” Rather, it’s a book about playing tennis “in the zone,” and to get into the zone, you have to do something very different from the norm. You have to change the way you focus your eyes on the court. Briefly, you have to stop focusing on the ball and start focusing on your contact zone.