Warburton's Winning System

Greg Warburton • SEC Founding Member

Available in print and Kindle

Warburton’s Winning System: Tapping and Other Transformational Mental Training Tools for Athletes

Author: Greg Warburton, SEC Founding Member
Retail: $17.95

Have you ever wanted a dependable way to completely clear upsetting performances out of your system? Have you ever stalled out with mental training because you weren’t sure what to do? Are you ready to take control of the mental and emotional aspects of your athletic performance?

Warburton’s Winning System is a short-on-purpose, yet complete mental training guidebook intended to be a ready reference. Readers re-read it because it is filled with leading-edge and practical, how-to methods that aren’t taught in the classroom, nor on the athletic field. Warburton highlights the value of diligently practicing mental training methods to become mentally and emotionally stronger; thus, enabling athletes to gain the Championship edge, producing consistent top performances with relaxed body and calm mind from start to finish.

I re-read Warburton’s Winning System. I understand this book so much more now. It’s much more than just a good book. It’s a great book. With a laser-like precision, it gives the reader very useful insights and practical steps to follow to improve their thoughts and emotions at any moment.

Dan Coughlin

Warburton’s Winning System is an extraordinary book in the emerging field of Mindset training for athletes of all ages because Greg shows us how to do it.
Moreover the principles and techniques in this concise, readable, nugget of a book apply to many dimensions of human living. And why shouldn’t they, as they work in sport why not life. Greg Warburton’s approach to Mindset training works, see the testimony of a number of champion athletes Greg has trained and their coaches. I endorse and highly recommend this superb book.

David Meggyesy, St. Louis Football Cardinals - Retired
 & Author of Out of Their League

This is by far the most practical and straightforward mental training system for athletes that I have encountered. My PhD is in Sport Psychology and I teach at the college-level. I also work with athletes to help them develop mental and emotional self-management techniques. There are many wonderful resources available, …but this is the most complete resource I have found.

Dave L.

This is an excellent introduction to tapping. I read this ‘little’ book in two days and was thoroughly captivated by the material. I plan to have my two accomplished scullers read and practice the material contained. Greg Warburton’s life story is nothing short of inspirational and his lifetime work with young people is to be greatly admired.

Jimmy Joy, author of The Mind's Eye and Halan's Spirit