Sports, Energy, and Consciousness

Members of the SEC group

Available in print and Kindle

Sports, Energy, and Consciousness: Awakening Human Potential through Sport

Editor: Eric Leskowitz, SEC Founding Member
Commentaries: Michael Murphy, Ken Wilber & Larry Dossey
Contributing authors: Members of The SEC Group

Athletes have long known that their pursuit of excellence can lead to the unforgettable altered state of consciousness known as “The Zone”. This unification of body, mind and spirit can paradoxically lead to peak performance as well as inner peace. Coaches and sports psychologists now include techniques from esoteric realms of energy medicine and consciousness research in order to awaken these highest human potentials.

The contributing authors of this book – an ex-NFL star, a Harvard psychiatrist, the coach of an Olympic champion, an extreme skiing world titleist – will explain how these insights can help you develop your inner and outer skills, whether you’re a weekend amateur or an elite athlete. The approaches range from Energy Psychology and Zen to the Parallel Mode Process and mindfulness. Specific applications to baseball, track, sculling, skiing, tennis and more are included, as are invited commentaries from some of the world’s leading experts in physical and spiritual transformation.

I’ve been waiting for this book my whole life. Sports, Energy and Consciousness invites us to take a second look at how powerful, impactful and transformational athletic performance can be for ourselves, our lives and our world.

Ricky Williams, Heisman Trophy Winner, NFL All-Pro

With this book, we now have a complete work on consciousness and sport available for athletes. Hopefully others will see this field as an avenue for great human liberation.

Phil Shinnick PhD, US Olympian, world record holder (long jump)

With this powerful book, sport becomes epiphany, a mind cracking, soul buffeting, life enlarging realization that brings participants into resonance with the Great Game Itself, the one that the Cosmos is playing.

Jean Houston Ph.D, futurist, author, A Passion for the Possible