Out of Their League

David Meggyesy • SEC Founding Member

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Out of Their League

Author: David Meggyesy, SEC Founding Member
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David Meggyesy’s Out of Their League, initially published in 1971 and republished in 2005, was the first football autobiography to raise a critical voice about how football players were being treated in the top college programs and the National Football League. OTL was honored by Sports Illustrated magazine in 2005 as one of the Top 100 sports books ever written. Meggyesy saw the treatment of elite football players as exploitive, and coaching practices as repressive. This “matter of fact” book helped stimulate and encourage the formation of the NFL players union, the NFL Players Association (NFLPA).

Meggyesy’s view (now seen as positive coaching and mindset training) promotes athletes to reach their highest potential as athletes and as human beings. Exploitive and repressive coaching practices at all levels of the game restrict athletes from reaching their full potential. The best modern coaches, particularly youth coaches, see coaching as transformational and not merely transactional. Their commitment is to the growth of the athletes. Winning the contest will take care of itself.