Conscious Fitness: Strength Training For The Evolution Of Body, Mind and Spirit

Catt Tripoli • SEC Contributing Member

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Conscious Fitness: Strength Training For The Evolution Of Body, Mind and Spirit

Author: Catt Tripoli, SEC Contributing Member

This book received a NAUTILUS SILVER AWARD for 2016!

WITH THIS BOOK, I hope to change your concept of fitness. Fitness is not just about the body, and it’s not just about the exercises we do. It’s about how we work out, whether we do so consciously or by rote. You see, in many respects, the real gym is within. Conscious Fitness is your guidebook for mastering that inner territory and applying that wisdom to maximize your workout–and evolve in body, mind and spirit.

I have been going to the gym for years to take yoga classes. Lately, several people have told me that as I get older, it would be a good idea to start doing strength training as well as yoga in order to avoid muscle loss that can come with age. However, I always felt intimidated by all the weights and machines. Someone recently recommended Catt’s book Conscious Fitness to me as a good place to start. Larry Martin

Much more than a “how-to” book, it describes the process, need, and method of resistance training. The insights expressed in this book are beneficial to anyone, regardless of sports interest, age, or experience. Catt explains how awareness and technique are important, safe and provide results fast. Worth reading. Albert K. Davies

This book was wonderful for a full body transformation work out. It affects the mind, the body, the spirit as it pertains to a person’s goals for physical education, and is certainly worth it’s time to read and money well spent. Yiwen He