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Beyond Excellence in Sports: Flow by Choice Not Chance

SEC Co-Founder, Scott Ford, on the Daily Evolver with Jeff Salzman

Rich Walcoff interviews Scott Ford on playing in the zone

by Rick Walcoff | June 2016

Rich Walcoff interviews Scott Ford on playing in the zone

Rich Walcoff and a group of tennis players and pros went through a short course on playing tennis in the zone with Scott Ford at the Harbor Point Racquet Club in San Francisco. Rich and Scott talk afterward.

Wilber—Meggyesy—2008 Conversation
Integral Naked

Last January, 2008, Ken Wilber and David Meggyesy had a long conversation about sport, the athletic experience, consciousness, competition, spirituality, evolution, personal growth, social change and the interrelationship between them. They covered a lot of ground. They had scheduled this conversation for it to be posted on Integral Naked, a sub site of Integral Institute. It was posted in three installments in the Spring/ Summer, 2008.

Ken Wilber, to quote his bio blurb on the back of one of my favorites books, Eye to Eye: The Quest for A New Paradigm, Revised Edition, Shambala Press, 2001, “is one of the most widely read and influential American philosophers of our time. His writings have been translated into over twenty foreign languages.” He has published over twenty books and is one of the creators and founders, along with Esalen Institute’s, Michael Murphy, of the Integral approach to our understanding of reality and change, and is the founder of the Integral Institute. Check him out on Wikipedia. In David’s view, Ken is one of our most important and significant philosophers, psychologists, synthesizers of knowledge and activists for social change and human evolution. David has been reading Ken’s work extensively for the past 2.5 years.

Interview with Rick Walcoff on Empower Radio

by Barry Robbins

Barry Robbins’ Interview with Rick Walcoff on Empower Radio

Flow, the zone, peak performance… there are different names for it, but you know how powerful it is when you’re there. Conventional coaching wisdom says there is no reliable formula to reach that state, but Barry Robbins is beginning to turn that thinking on its head. Inspired by his own experience, Barry will share a real protocol to get into the zone and look at life related to enhanced consciousness by choice, not chance.

Sports and Spirituality: Kissing Cousins

by Barry Robbins

Sports and Spirituality: Kissing Cousins

Barry Robbins is in discussion with Julie Krull on the topic of Sports and Spirituality as Kissing Cousins. Topics include the similarities in states of consciousness between expanded states of awareness in exercise and fitness and similar states that are realized through spiritual practice. Why both athletes and spiritual practitioners are drawn to group gatherings such as stadiums, arenas, sanghas, churches and synagogues.

Sports and Spirituality: A Kosmos at Play

by David Meggysey

Sports and Spirituality: A Kosmos at Play

In this fascinating discussion, former NFL linebacker David Meggyesy discusses the extraordinary overlap that exists between sports and spirituality, and how professional athletes may be more familiar with experiences of spiritual transcendence than any of us might assume.


Tennis In The Zone Preview

Preview of Scott Ford’s revolutionary tennis video, “Welcome to the Zone.”

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Timing in Tennis – Part 1

Part 1 of Scott Ford’s explanation of Timing in Tennis.

Timing in Tennis – Part 2

Part 2 of Scott Ford’s explanation of Timing in Tennis.

Timing in Tennis – Part 3

Part 3 of Scott Ford’s explanation of Timing in Tennis.

Playing Tennis in the Zone – Step 1

Scott Ford explains the 1st Step in Playing Tennis in the Zone.

The Joy of Sox

One-minute description of “The Joy of Sox”, Dr. Rick Leskowitz’s documentary film about group energies and sports.

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