Sport is a vehicle for accelerating and unlocking higher states of consciousness, peak performance and deeper community engagement. Co-create a new sporting culture with us by joining our collective or engaging our team.

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If you are the kind of coach, athlete or leader who believes mental training is just as important to your team as lifting weights, that emotional awareness has to be practiced and that developing into a peak performer means more than just getting bigger, stronger and faster – that who you are as a person actually matters AND can unlock your full potential… you are SEC. Welcome home.

Join our collective and take advantage of our program for coaches, athletes and leaders.

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We are a motivated community of athletes, coaches, doctors, researchers, leaders and healers who accelerate each other’s teams and performance.

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Ready to leverage the power of sports, energy and consciousness to take your team, organization or brand to an entirely new dimension?


How the SEC Group will help you accelerate your performance, deepen your experience and prepare you to enter your peak state:

Access to the Best Information on Peak Performance

Access to Exclusive Omni Training™ Events & Seminars

A Supportive Community You Can Actually Identify With

Exposure to the Leading-Edge of Mental & Emotional Training

Motivation to Stay on the Path of Awakened Consciousness

Discounts on Products, Services and Trainings from The SEC Group

A Community of Athletes & Coaches to Hold You Accountable

A Language to Describe What You Are Experiencing

The Opportunity to Shape Sports and Coaching Culture


Sport has always been a vehicle for a deeper connection to the human experience. Since the first Olympic games athletes have been some of the most consciously-awakened human beings on the planet. We believe the athletic experience has the capacity to pull humanity forward into a new state of consciousness that transcends the dogma that our society carries as baggage from generation to generation. As a member of our global community, you’ll have an opportunity to unlock the deeper power of sport for your team and organization – opening the door for authentic peak performance and life.


The athletic community is beginning to wake up to the impact of integral/whole-person coaching on athletic performance – and the mental and emotional wellbeing of athletes. As the SEC community grows, so does our ability to affect deeper and deeper levels of change within the culture of sports. Joining us means helping escalate that rising tide.


Our tribe includes some of the founding members of the human potential movement and many have experienced the fallout from challenging the status quo within the sporting world first hand. By becoming a member of SEC you’ll have direct access to a deep community that can help you understand how to integrate authentic, Omni coaching into your team (and life) without jeopardizing your career, relationships or progress.


An innovative, forward-thinking group of organizations committed to empowering your path to peak performance and higher consciousness.

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Everyone of our members has lived the path you are walking right now. Either as a coach feeling like there’s a depth of experience you can unlock for your players that will allow them to perform at their peak, or as an athlete who can’t ignore the feeling of pure bliss, authentic self expression and unity that performing at your peak unleashes. You don’t have to go it alone AND you can amplify your impact by joining SEC.

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