Ideas on sports, energy, consciousness, culture, change and understanding how to achieve sustained peak performance in your sport – and life.

Parapsychology and Sports

(This invited blog post was written by Laith Muhammad al Azawe, PsyD, who is a parapsychologist with the Iraqi Olympic Academy in Baghdad. We are honored to include his contribution on our website.)   The relation between the science of parapsychology and sports...

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The big mo’

One of the most elusive phenomena in the sports world is momentum, “the big mo’”, the process by which an athlete or a team gets into such a positive groove that their performance seems to get better and better with each successive contest. The entire team, in other...

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Fan energies: Canadian and American

I recently had the opportunity to compare Canadian fans’ energy to American’s, thanks to a recent visit to Nova Scotia for the annual meeting of the Canadian Association for Integrative Energy Therapies – the “tapping” therapies. By chance, the conference was held...

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My attitude towards tennis has changed over the years. I play the game now for one reason only and that reason is to get in the zone. Playing tennis in the zone has become the journey and the destination for me, not because of the peak performance aspect of the zone, although that certainly enters into the equation, but more because of the transformation of consciousness that occurs when I shift into the zone.

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