An Integrated Collective of World-Class Athletes, Leading-Edge Coaches, Psychologists, Doctors and Energy Healers Elevating Consciousness Through Sport

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We are co-creating the future of sports by translating the experience of being “in the zone,” “flow,” and what athletes know as a “peak state” into practices that everyday athletes and coaches can leverage to improve performance and access heightened states of consciousness.

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We have created the world’s largest collective of sports, energy and consciousness catalysts co-creating a new future in sports and coaching.

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A collaborative approach to accessing flow and your team’s peak performance state that doesn’t require woo-woo tactics or singing kumbaya.




Craig White

High Performance Coach

Catt Tripoli

World Champion Bodybuilder, Entrepreneur & Award-winning Author

Kristen Ulmer

Thought leader, Facilitator and Fear Specialist

Doug White

Minor League Pitching Coach – St. Louis Cardinals

Catherine Widgery

Top 3 Internationally Ranked Sculler

Trevor Tierney

World Champion Lacrosse Goalie, Performance and Developmental Coach

Joan Steidinger

Licensed Clinical and Sports Psychologist

Robert Rudelic

Integrative Sports Therapist & Peak Performance Coach

George Pegelow

Martial Arts Instructor & Professor at Stanford

Drew Mearns

Peak Performance Running Coach

Robyn Meagher

Registered Clinical Counsellor, Health & Performance Coach, 2x Olympian

Heidi McCoy

Natural Home Enthusiast, Martial Arts Instructor & Tribal Seeker

Damien Lafont

Mental Trainer, Sport Scientist and Author

Markus Koch

Six Year NFL Veteran & USPTA Elite Pro

James Joy

Elite Athlete & Performance Coach

Tom Hanson

Coach, Author and Energy Psychologist

Jason Dorland

Author, Olympian, Storyteller & Coach

Ellen Braithwaite

Peak Performance Athlete

Laith Muhammad Al Azawe

Parapsychological and Psychological Expert

Ken Wilber

“The Einstein of consciousness” & Originator of Integral Theory

Rich Walcoff

Bay Area Radio Hall-of-Famer & Longtime NFL Sportscaster

Jim Thompson

Founder and CEO of Positive Coaching Alliance

Michael Murphy

Co-founder of Integral Transformative Practice, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Esalen Institute & Author

Jean Houston

World Renowned Scholar, Philosopher and Researcher in Human Capacities

David Feinstein

Nationally Awarded Clinical Psychologist, Energy Healer and Entrepreneur

Larry Dossey

Physician and NY Times Bestselling author

Donna Eden

Energy Healer, Speaker & Entrepreneur

Bobby Clampett

PGA Tour Life Member and Popular Television Golf Broadcaster

Pete Carroll

NFL Head Coach: Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks

Glen Albaugh

Elite Peak Performance Coach & Author

Created to elevate and accelerate global consciousness and the culture of athletics.


The tools, techniques and support systems you need to implement Omni Coaching™ into your team and organization.


Step out of isolation and join the largest collective of athletes, coaches and leaders bringing consciousness into sports.


Empower your team to step into their authentic performance state and take their game to the level they’ve always dreamed of.


To unlock the total impact of emotional fitness, mental training and authenticity your entire culture must embrace the experience.

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We exist to help you and your team unlock your peak performance state, train into flow, overcome the physical, mental and emotional barriers holding you back, bring mindfulness into the athletic arena and realize a deeper sense of self through sport.